Luna Park

One of the places I’d been wanting to check out ever since I moved to Sydney was Luna Park.  It’s a very colourful and sort of tragic amusement park on the northern side of Sydney Harbour.  I say “tragic” because frankly, what isn’t when all you’ve ever known are parks like Disneyland and Disney World. But I could care less.  I was distracted by the colours, the carousel, the ferris wheel, the bumper cars, and of course, the “fairy floss” which I’ve only known as cotton candy.  For some reason, it tasted more magical in my mouth now that I knew its other more appropriate name.   Of course, how could Americans be so ignorant as to not know that fairies are conscientious about their dental hygiene? Screw cotton candy.  Fairy floss it is!!! I felt like I was five again and wished all my friends back home could’ve been there with me and Matt as we wildly rushed from ride to ride like hyperactive children on a massive sugar rush. This was exactly how I pictured myself turning 30.


Your thoughts?

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