Sydney Running Festival

The first year I lived in Sydney, everyone kept telling me I should sign up to do the City2Surf.  It was a 14km event from the city to Bondi Beach.  I was terribly out of shape but eager to change my habits and be part of an annual city-wide thing so I thought, what the heck–I’ll just sign up.  Weeks passed and I didn’t train or prepare myself at all.  I thought I could wing it.  Right, I know.  Who just “wings” 14km?  Not me.  I finished, but I couldn’t walk for the next week and a half.  Never again, I told myself. Then I heard about the Bridge Run which is 9km and all the great things about it (mostly the view from running across the Harbour Bridge).  So I caved in and signed up myself up, knowing that hey, I’ve been a good girl this year.  I may not have trained enough for it, but I was definitely more prepared.  Lifting weights at the gym paid off to some degree.  I ran/brisk walked (uphill parts) and managed to survive the 9km without a hitch.  You can imagine my surprise when I realized I could actually walk this morning!  No pain.  No soreness. So now I’m thinking I can totally reverse my ageing process.  If two years ago, I could barely move for a week after running 14km and now after 9, I’m eager to hit the gym the next morning, I should be super fit by the time I hit 40, right?  Ok, maybe not, but I think I’m going to try anyway.  City2Surf 2013, here I come!


Your thoughts?

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