Netball is Ridiculous

Last year, there was all this hype around Australia’s netball team winning the world championship title.  Ok–I know I’m American, but seriously.  Was I the only one yawning over this victory?

What’s so great about netball?  It’s like a boring, watered down version of basketball paired with rules that make it less fun.  Rules which include specifics on footwork for one-foot landing and holding the ball for only three seconds before you have to pass or shoot.  It’s like watching grown women play a twisted form of hot potato mixed with hopscotch on a court with two half-ass built basketball rings.

Let me break it down for you, my fellow Americans–just take all the skill and strategy out of basketball and what you’re left with is netball.  To me, it’s an outright insult to women.  I come from a country that is home to the NBA and WNBA.  That’s right.  Women are not restricted to some sort of lame version of professional basketball.  They have a league of their own which sets the standard.  I have high expectations for women in sports and honestly, netball does nothing but crush my dreams every time I see it or hear about it.

What bothers me is how much praise this so-called “sport” of netball receives.  If you read up on its history and its roots, you’d realize just how corny it is, not to mention degrading.  Clearly netball is targeted at women for comedy: “Now ladies, you must keep a certain distance from the player who is shooting and you’re not allowed to dribble the ball and think on your feet.  And based on your position, you’re only allowed in certain areas of the court so don’t be going here and there.”  Um, are you for real?

The craziest part about all of this is that Australia has actually produced one of the WNBA’s finest, if not the best, female basketball player of all time: Lauren Jackson.  So why must they continue to rave on about netball?  There’s so many amazing things women do in sports.  Australia is home to hundreds of professional athletes known worldwide, so it’s funny that an activity so big has so few legends.

I’m sure this post is going to ruffle a lot of feathers out there.  Maybe there’s someone out there who plays netball and enjoys it.  And to that I have to say, just because you play something and enjoy it, doesn’t make it an amazing sport.  I mean, it’s like Zumba.  No one’s getting recognition for their great Zumba skills.  Why? Because professional dancers and choreographers exist.

No, I don’t play netball and I never intend to for the reasons I mentioned above.  But hey, I’m all for good fitness.  So all you netballers, go ahead and have all the fun you want.  Run around and throw that ball to each other in your funny looking uniforms.  I have nothing against that.  All I’m sayin’ is that netball as a “sport” is just ridiculous.


3 thoughts on “Netball is Ridiculous

  1. the first thing my flatmate did when i moved to new zealand was sign me up for a social netball team. it was not social. it was not fun. and i ended up in a and e with a twisted ankle. i praise this honest article on the atrocity that is netball!

  2. ” It’s like watching grown women play a twisted form of hot potato mixed with hopscotch on a court with two half-ass built basketball rings.”

    Ha! This is a perfect description. I had heard all about this game from European students of mine, and I was excited to watch it during the Olympics. Boy I was I disappointed…

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