So…I Wrote a Book

Hi friends, I’m not sure why it took me so long to share this with you.  Maybe because it has nothing to do with Australia?  But the truth is, it has everything to do with me becoming Aussie.

I had a vision to start this project back in 2005, but I never had the opportunity to commit myself to finishing it.  Like so many people, life just happened and I always seemed to be caught up in my work or travelling, attending birthday parties and weddings, going on holidays, and well, you know–the usual.  Then suddenly my 30th birthday was around the corner and something didn’t feel right.  It was as though life was just passing me by, and deep down, I knew I wanted to finish the thing I started years ago.

So last February (2011), I decided to quit my full-time job.  Yes, the one that brought me all the way out to Australia in the first place.  The one where my new boss had introduced me to her step-son who I fell in love with and got married to.  That job.  I know, it sounds crazy and irrational and stupid and frightening–and I felt all those things; but this dream I had, this book, it superseded all fears.  I couldn’t wait any longer.  For me, the moment was now.  Here, in Australia, miles away from anything that could possibly distract me, I would have the freedom to get it done.

With my husband’s full support, I was able to stay at home and work full-time on my book.  I researched, wrote and re-wrote, and illustrated for over a year.  I had so many highs and lows.  I had moments of joy and moments of doubt, wondering if it was ever going to be finished.  I went through weeks of dry spells and lulls, wanting nothing to do with a sketchbook or pen.

But now that’s all finally behind me.  I can actually say aloud that I’m officially finished!  It feels unreal to say that because it’s been such a long process.  I feel as though I’ve given birth to something huge, though I’m sure it’s not nearly as painful as pushing out a tiny human.  But the process, the waiting, and all the fine details that go into these sorts of things are realities that I can definitely relate to.

Therefore it is with a very big smile and incredibly happy heart that I present to you my newest joy, my book The Old Testament Obituaries. Please take a sneak peek at the online preview by clicking here!  If you’re interested in purchasing a copy, you can check out my online bookstore  or my website for more information.

Would you join me in this part of my journey abroad and help spread the word?  I’d so appreciate it!!!

Thanks so much! I’m looking forward to sharing more about my personal projects with you in the years ahead as I continue to become Aussie.


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