Piece for the Home

Oh the joys of being married to an artist!  My Aussie husband Matt just finished painting these canvases.  Can’t wait to put them up on our wall.



2 thoughts on “Piece for the Home

  1. I always feel like I’m missing a secret message in Matt’s artwork. Does it say something? Are there significant details added in this one to represent the two of you?

    1. Good eye, Kobbs! 🙂 You’re picking up on the letters in Matt’s tag name or graff name “Meak.” He used to write “Meek” but changed the spelling because he says “a” is a better letter to work with. I just learned it’s pretty common for graff writers to do that with their words. It’s such a new area for me and I’m still learning a lot about it. 🙂 Now that I’ve “retired” from my bike, I think I might try doing a bit of graff. I’ve never used spray paint before!

      It takes a lot of can control to achieve the shapes desired on a small area (like on a canvas) so Matt actually had to use duct tape to keep the lines looking clean. The other details are just things he personally likes–paint splats. 🙂

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