ArtHouse Monday

My friend Caroline introduced me to my first life drawing class.  Every Monday night, a local venue called The ArtHouse Hotel hosts a class from 6pm to 8:30pm in its Dome Restaurant.  For only $4, anyone can take a seat and join the rest of the class while sipping on drinks, munching on snacks, and sketching in this one-of-a-kind atmosphere.  Just make sure you bring your own sketchbook and pencils.  You don’t want to be labeled as a total pervert.

Last week there was a man who wandered through the restaurant while the class was in session, and acted as though he didn’t know what was going on.  But Caroline and I knew better.  He’d taken the long way to the toilets just so he could have a perv on the models.  We watched him casually saunter in with his greasy grey business suit, and then slow his pace as he side-stepped through the crowd of artists, his eyes stuck like hot glue glazing over each of the women posing on the pedestals.  We experienced momentary relief once he disappeared around the corner for his five minute session in the loo, but then the dirty bastard came back.  He actually had the nerve to exit the same way instead of the back way!  Again, we watched him ogle the models and again, we were confronted with the absolute baseness of mankind.  He was altogether pitiful and revolting.

So…yeah.  If you’re thinking about dropping in on a life drawing class, at least bring your own paper and pen to look like you’re there to draw!  Otherwise, it’s pretty hard to assume you’ve accidentally lost your way to the toilets.  Mr. Monday night, whoever you are, have some decency!!!


Your thoughts?

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