Day at the Zoo

This morning I received a text from Caroline asking if I’d like to go to the zoo.  I was delighted! I love animals.  Even the creepy ones.  And they’re especially fun to see in Sydney, where the zoo is situated on a particularly stunning piece of land with a view overlooking the city and harbour.  It may sound strange but Taronga Zoo is actually one of prettiest places in Sydney.  And travelling by ferry to get there makes it all the more exciting.  We spent the entire day like kids, happily wandering around the grounds, oooh-ing and ahhh-ing at the emus, giraffes, and kangaroos, while also giggling at the gorillas and chimpanzees.  We stood in line to get seats for the sea lion show and then munched on sandwiches as we watched the elephant show.  The weather was crisp and sunny, just perfect for a day out with the animals.


2 thoughts on “Day at the Zoo

    1. So glad you share the same view! 🙂 There’s a lovely charm about Taronga. I’m sure your family will fall in love with it too!

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