10 Things I Miss

A little while ago, a fellow blogger friend posted a list of things she missed from home which inspired me to make a list of my own.  Here it is:

  1. TARGET (the kind that isn’t 10 years behind)
  2. Trader Joe’s (a health food store in CA that I love)
  3. Crest White Strips (how else does one manage her pearly whites?)
  4. Stores that are open past 6pm on other days besides Thursday
  5. Booth seating (so tired of stiff, cold, uninviting tiny cafe tables and chairs)
  6. Clothing brands and styles that aren’t stuck in the 90s
  7. Graham crackers
  8. Good sized thrift stores that carry loads of vintage
  9. Pumpkin patches for Halloween
  10. Mexican food

3 thoughts on “10 Things I Miss

  1. Did you know the Australian Target isn’t affiliated with the American Target? They just bought the rights to the name and logo many years ago. I guess someone at the American Target wasn’t thinking globally!

    But I agree with all of these!

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