Go Bananas for This

I never thought twice about banana bread until I came to Australia.  Here, I’ve been finding that banana bread is a staple delicacy.  It’s pretty much available anywhere you turn.  Cafes, convenience stores, pubs–even slices of it are sold at the local gas station.  Banana bread fresh or toasted, buttered or not, has become a new addiction for my American palette.

But everyone seems to follow a different recipe and some places offer better bread than others.  So you can imagine my joy when I discovered a fellow blogger friend recently posted her personal recipe for banana bread. The chance to whip up my own fresh batch at home sounded delightful!

Her recipe was quick and easy to follow.  I just made slight variations by adding a bit of cinnamon to the brown sugar topping and leaving out the nuts.  The result was delicious! My husband reckons it tastes better than any banana bread he’s had at a cafe.  And that says a lot coming from a purebred (no pun intended) Aussie.


2 thoughts on “Go Bananas for This

  1. My flatmate in NZ makes THE best banana bread I’ve ever had. It’s slightly crispy on the outside and mushy in the middle. I slather it in butter and watch my thighs grow right in front of my very eyes. I agree with you, love the addition to my American palette!

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