Not Too Far Off

Twenty-five minutes away from the city is a very small community of beach people and their way of life is even smaller.  Many locals often refer to the northern beaches as God’s country, but quite honestly it’s the polar opposite.

They drink, party, surf, barbecue, sun bake, dance, fight, party more, drink more, and hang at the beach.  Last time I checked, the Bible was full of references to Jews, Israel, and its surrounding lands, so I highly doubt God appreciates His name being used to describe an area saturated by self-indulgent Australian beach living.

After watching this title sequence for MTV’s new reality show, I couldn’t help but feel sad.  Sad because these images are actually reality for most people on that side of the bridge.  I know because I once lived there.  I also know because I happen to be related to them.


Your thoughts?

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