It’s Race Day!

This is where my husband is right now.  Last year, I had the privilege to travel down to Melbourne and bus it to Phillip Island to watch the MotoGP together with him, Dad, and a few of Dad’s friends.  I’ve never been into motorbikes or the MotoGP.  I have Matt to thank for my new addiction.  It may sound boring and look boring, especially on TV but seeing it live in person is an entirely different experience.  It’s absolutely exhilarating.  Your heart beats fast and you can feel your blood pumping the moment your ears catch the first sound of a 1000cc bike screaming past you on the track.  There’s nothing like it!  I think I just might have to post some photos from last year so you can at least try to get a feel for what I’m talking about.  In the meantime, I’ll be cheering for Stoner.  It’s the last time this Aussie champ will be racing at his home circuit as he’s announced his retirement.  We’re definitely going to miss watching him race!


Your thoughts?

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