P.S. I Met Tom Kime


Leave it to me to get star struck by a Master Chef.

Last year when I “retired” from my marketing career, I spent most of my first free afternoons lazying about the house watching daytime television.  That’s when I discovered a funny little gem called “Ready Steady Cook.”  The show features a whole grip of Master Chefs from around Australia.  The more I watched, the more fascinated I became, ooo-ing and ahh-ing at these chefs’ skills, which eventually led to me picking out favourites.  One of them was Tom Kime.  And it just so happened that as me and Anna-Mei were enjoying our afternoon tea outside,  Tom was crossing the road toward us, no doubt heading straight for his restaurant Fish & Co adjacent to the cafe.

In true celebrity-obsessed Californian form, I unashamedly waved and called out, “Hi Tom!” then later asked if I could take a photo with him.  This is something you don’t normally see in this country because Aussies don’t like to get hyped on other Aussies, especially if they are well-known or regarded for some talent or skill. They’re fairly consistent when it comes to the whole “tall poppy syndrome.”  But I couldn’t help myself and thankfully, my fellow expat friend didn’t mind either and happily snapped this photo for me.  So here it is–my first real encounter with a celebrity (master chef) in Australia.


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