Got another name for “snickerdoodle”?

In Australia, “doodle” is slang for penis.  You can imagine my husband’s response the first time I announced I’d be baking snickerdoodles and described it as my sister’s favourite.

It’s no surprise that this particular type of cookie is unheard of here.  The first part of the name being “snicker” also gives the impression that it includes some portion of the famous chocolatey-peanut-caramel candy bar which it most certainly does not.  It’s simply a cinnamon-sugar cookie or “biscuit” as they say.

So my question is, if I can’t call them “snickerdoodles” anymore, what can I call them?


6 thoughts on “Got another name for “snickerdoodle”?

  1. hehehe! I’m Aussie & have made these a few times and *always* received interesting looks when I tell people what they are. How about the boring but factual ‘cinnamon bickie’?

  2. Haha!!!
    Totally with you on the word Doodle!
    Sid and His mate Danny were talking about designing sunglasses one time and I chimed in announcing “Yes, and wouldn’t it be cool to have children’s doodles all over the arms!” Needles to say they both turned round and looked at me like I was crazy!
    Doodles are just sketches in London Lingo!

  3. Haha! Tried to leave a comment earlier but will try again.
    I’m with you on the different meaning of Doodle! Sid and his mate Danny were talking of designing sunglasses a while back and I chimed in “yes, and wouldn’t it be great if there were children’s doodles all along the arms!” You can imagine they turned and looked at me as if I was some kind of crazy!
    Doodles are sketches in London Lingo!

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