Weekly Photo Challenge: Thankful

This year, I’m really thankful to be living abroad.  I often go through seasons of feeling homesick for California, especially because I miss all my friends and loved ones, the way of life, the former routines, etc.  But earlier this year, I noticed a slight shift.  When we were given the opportunity to visit America for a length of time, as much as I cherished every moment of it, I felt a new level of gratefulness knowing that at the end of the trip, we’d be returning to life back in Sydney.  A life that I never knew could be so fulfilling and one that could possibly reach new depths…

When you’re removed from everything familiar, you have no choice but to learn–to discover new places, to find new friends, to create new routines, to try new hobbies, to push yourself beyond your former boundaries because well, you’ve already made the choice to abandon your comfort zone.  Everything in you wants to revert backwards to the things you know, but you can’t.  You’re not there anymore.  There’s no such thing as shopping at H&M or turning to channel Nine to watch the Laker game or catching a late night dinner at one of your favourite restaurants or ringing up your girlfriend to meet up on Saturday for a carwash date and some Pinkberry.  The thing is, you’re still you, but in a totally new world.  It’s the most bizarre feeling.  And that’s the sense I feel every time I take a moment to reflect on my life right now.

The things that come with change are always mind-blowing.  Maybe not to you, but to me they are–they’re huge.  I’ve done things over the past year that I never dreamed or imagined I’d have the courage or capacity to try.  Things like being a full-time homemaker; illustrating, writing, and self-publishing my own book; filming a documentary; having a go at doing graffiti;  changing a diaper (my nephew‘s); and learning how to ride a motorcycle.  So that’s why I chose this particular photo.  It serves as a reminder to me that nothing is impossible.  That each of us is given one chance at this life, and we were created to live it to its fullest.

Whatever “fullest” means to you, I encourage you to do it with your whole heart and have no regrets.  Because while there’s beauty in being able to look back and reflect on the things of the past, be grateful for them , and even revel in their pure existence, what’s more wonderful is that we can continue to move on from them, by growing and learning every day.  And that, my friends, is why I am so thankful to be here right now–thankful for a life abroad in Australia.


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