This & That

Wednesdays are my “mid-week weekend” so I always look forward to getting out of the house and heading to the city.  Today my goal was to pick up a few necessary things to help me prepare for Matt’s birthday.  I had just one store in mind as I headed toward The Galleries Victoria on George Street; but when I arrived, I got all distracted by a thousand other little shops I never realized existed just beneath the ground level.  It was simply amazing down there and felt like a whole other world!  I discovered a lovely little lunch spot called “Mero Mero” and their wide selection of fresh salads and perfectly shaped macarons.  So much for counting calories!  A few other things caught my attention today like the new housing development in my neighbourhood, and a curious little fashion boutique called “SAGE” (which of course many of you know is my tag name, so I found this humorous). All in all, it was a fun and colourful afternoon and for once, I managed to stick to my goal and find the things on my list…and then some.


Your thoughts?

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