The Dip

Matt and I are always on the lookout for American style food in Sydney, so it’s no surprise that we ended up at The Dip last night to celebrate his birthday.  It’s a small little underground joint near Chinatown in the City and the location is actually shared with another place called GoodGod.  The atmosphere is loud and bustling with people, mostly a mix of the afterwork crowd and university students.  I was glad I rang them earlier and made a booking or else we would’ve had to sit in the bar area (which isn’t bad) instead of having our own private booth.  Besides the super dim lighting and the blaring music from next door, it was a pretty good spot considering the choices they had on their menu.  He ordered a classic hamburger, I couldn’t help but order the pulled pork sandwich, and we shared a side of salsa fries (never heard of those before! definitely a Sydney take on American food!).

Click here for more photos at The Dip


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