First Day of Summer

summer lemons from my Mom's gardenDecember 1 marks the first day of summer in the land down under.  It’s hot, humid, and steamy.  People are getting ready to hit the beaches (more often than usual), host barbecues and parties (more often than usual), and ads about skin cancer are about to infiltrate our lives for the next three months.  Yet none of that means summer to me.

All my instincts tell me it’s time to watch baseball games, shop for swimsuits with my girl friends, go on road trips up north, pick fresh lemons from my Mom’s garden, and look forward to Fourth of July parades and fireworks.  But right now I’ve got a small Christmas tree up in our living room and I’m online shopping for gifts.  December abroad is bizarre.

I have a friend who jokingly refers to Australia as “opposite world,” and sometimes I can’t help but laugh and agree.  I don’t know when I’ll ever get used to having Christmas in the summertime, but I know one thing’s for sure–I’m really thankful to be starting a new season.


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