I Held a Christmas Beetle

christmas beetle

It’s just a little bug.  It doesn’t bite.  It won’t hurt you.  It’s a Christmas beetle.  They only come out at this time of the year.  They’re harmless!  So what.  Who cares, right?  Um, I do.

I hate bugs.  They disgust me and frighten me.  Ants, spiders, moths, cockroaches, mosquitoes, flies, bees, anything.  That’s why this moment captured above is such a big freaking deal.  Personally, I’d have to say it was a milestone.

Everyone at the table was looking at me, wondering when the silly American girl would hold out her bloody finger so the little beetle could hop on.  I eventually got talked into it and as I sat there cringing, I held my finger still while the kid sitting next to me carefully placed the Christmas beetle on top of it.  And there it sat.  It didn’t really feel like anything except in my mind, I was sure it was getting ready to morph into an oversized alien-like creature from Men in Black.  It never did.


2 thoughts on “I Held a Christmas Beetle

  1. Congrats on the “milestone” and keeping it together while the beetle hung out on your finger. I think I probably would have caved too and given it a whirl… but, if it had been a Christmas Spider no amount of peer pressure or expectation or anything else would have gotten me to participate.

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