Weekend in Port Macquarie

Last Friday night, Matt & I packed up our things, picked up Joe at the office, and hit the road for a little adventure up north to Port Macquarie.  Earlier this year, dear friends of ours made the big decision to move house, and they invited us to visit them at their new digs for a weekend stay.

A lot of Aussies tend to talk about Port Macquarie like it’s an incredibly hot and pumping beach city full of tourists because everyone loves to go on holiday there, but I didn’t find it was like that at all.  Maybe it’s just me being my typical American self, but when I hear descriptions like this, I tend to expect a whole lot more.  Of everything.  You know, more people, more shops, more cafes, more touristy attractions.  I always pictured this place to be something like Santa Monica or South Beach; but in reality, it was more like Carmel.  No wait–make that a fraction of Carmel.

Port Macquarie is a fairly quiet little beach town with a very small area that appears to serve as the city’s main drag.  While there are the recognizable big brand name stores like Coles and Bunnings, the streets are mostly lined with lots of quaint shops and cafes.  Don’t get me wrong, though–it’s a lovely, peaceful place and the vibes are really chill.  Just don’t expect Santa Cruz and you’ll be happily satisfied.

Thankfully, the weekend weather was lovely which is actually standard for this area and I can see why the locals wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.  While others had to endure the rain back home in the city,  Matt & I got to enjoy long walks on the beach with our friends and soak in the beautiful views of the sunny coastline.  Over all, it was a delight to visit and more importantly, the catch up with our friends was well worth the trip.


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