Inside My 2012 Time Capsule

Two days ago, I received the following from the Daily Prompt:
The year is drawing to a close.  What would you put in a 2012 time capsule?

So my friends, here’s what historians would find in mine, in no particular order:
– several brightly coloured mini Moleskine journals
– one signed copy of The Old Testament Obituaries
– a birthday card from my husband
– a receipt showing the purchase of a 1995 Honda CBR250RR
– a photo of my third piece
– a print out of my travel itinerary to the US
– a letter from the National Library of Australia
– a postcard from California confirming my registration to vote abroad
– a newspaper clipping of a front page article in The Australian titled, “ABC chairman slams ALP laws that make it illegal to be offensive”
– a letter from the Australian Department of Immigration requesting final items
– two obituaries: my uncle and my grandma
– a photo of my cousin Stef and her new fiance Pat
– one red leather-bound sketchbook

What about you?  What would historians find in your 2012 time capsule?


Your thoughts?

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