Cousins Catch Up


We were invited to join our cousins for a pre-Christmas catch up and lunch together on Sunday.  Troy & Soraya hosted us at their lovely new home, and we were greeted by the familiar sound of Luca’s little but deep and raspy voice along with the pitter-patter of his footsteps.  (How do kids grow so quickly?!?) The food was just as delightful as the company.  It was Troy’s first time to break in his new barbecue, and we had no hesitation serving as his taste testers.  Our lunch together was relaxing, but we were soon interrupted by a surprise performance — Kai finally decided to take his first steps!!  I managed to catch the last bit on video, just before he decided he’d taken too many steps and needed a rest.  Above is a photo of all of us just before we parted ways for the afternoon.

(From L to R: Matt, Luca, Soraya, Troy, Tim, Kai, Nat. Not pictured: me, I’m taking the photo!)


Your thoughts?

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