Gain Muscle

One of my life long goals is to gain muscle and shed this layer of flab that I’ve been lugging around for too many years.  My journey began in 2011 after looking through some holiday photos and realizing there was not one I was happy with because my face was too fat in all of them.  That’s when I finally realized how overweight I’d become.  In my first year of marriage, I reached my heaviest at 83kg (that’s 183 lbs for all my fellow Yanks out there).  At 5’5″, I was officially classified as obese.  Scary!

Honestly, it’s been a tough journey and a rather rough transition–80% mental, 15% emotional, 5% physical.  But I’ve made it this far and am finally down to the low 140s.  So this year I’ve decided to buckle down even harder.  I’m now seeing a reputable nutritionist to help me keep my diet in balance,  I’m taking weekly measurements of my body to help me stay motivated and working towards my goals, and I’m lifting heavier weights than I ever thought possible.

Dear 2013, let this be the year I finally see my waist, biceps, and a non-flat Asian a**.


Your thoughts?

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