NYE fireworks show on tv
NYE fireworks show on TV

Yes, that’s right.  This is a photo of my television screen showing the New Year’s fireworks going off over the Sydney Harbour.  It may sound depressing to you but this was actually just where I wanted to be at the turn of the new year.  At home, chillin’ out with my husband to enjoy a quiet one, far away from the loud crowds, drunken hoochies, and stench of 2am vomit on the streets.

It was the first time I’d ever watched the Sydney fireworks on TV while actually IN Sydney.  My first New Year’s Eve, Matt took me to a sweet little spot in Mosman that had a great view across the water to see the entire harbour light up.  My second year, we celebrated back in California and as usual, we saw the network delayed version of Sydney’s fireworks on American TV.  Last year, we had my mother-in-law and some friends of ours over and we all walked down to catch the show near the Anzac Bridge.  And so every year since I moved here has been a different experience, but none quite like this year.

Before I go, I thought it might be worth mentioning several observations I made during this particular NYE: 1) Australia doesn’t make a big deal about NYE, or at least not in comparison to the US.  2) The NYE pre-fireworks show on channel 9 almost put me to sleep.  3) After the fireworks, there’s no massive party on TV, no live shows or concerts, no nothing.  The show is actually over. You only get fireworks.  It’s so anticlimactic.  4) I didn’t make any new year’s resolutions because I’m finally achieving my life long goals now.  Goodbye pursuit of happiness, hello contentment.  5) No one in Australia gives a crap about the rest of the world’s New Year’s Eves.  No one here stays up to watch everyone else celebrate New Year’s, and why would they?  They’ve already celebrated.


Your thoughts?

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