Skylar-Lovelle Turns 1

No, she is not my secret love child.  This precious girl belongs to our friends Sid and Anna-Mei.

Matt and I were invited to join her birthday party at the park.  Unfortunately, two days before this I happened to served up some terribly overdue pasta which we ate and then both suffered bouts of food poisoning.  Yep. Housewife of the year.

Sadly, because Matt ate about five times the portion size I did, he suffered much worse than I did, spewing the entire weekend through for a grand total of 12 times.  I however, managed to attend the sweet little gathering in fine form, vomit-free but husband-less which was a bit of a bummer.

It was a charming affair indeed, and the birthday girl remained adorably sweet and behaved well for her very first birthday celebration.


Your thoughts?

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