Saturday with the Frenchies

We’re not big planners.  I used to be, though; I had visions of places I wanted to go, companies I wanted to work for, and magazines I hoped to grace the cover of (I’m kidding…sort of); but ever since I got married to Matt that part of me has changed–drastically.  And for the better.

Sometimes Matt and I end up doing the most random things because well, we don’t make plans.  And you know what? I really like it this way.  It makes me a bit more grateful every time I wake up, and life becomes a series of unpredictable moments that I can never wrap my head around.  This was one of those moments.

Our Saturday was free so we ended up driving to the Northern Beaches to meet up with a young French kid.  A week ago, he had approached Matt and offered to pay him to paint a few Aussie road signs on his work van.  Who could resist such a random request?  This is how it went.


Your thoughts?

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