Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the Details

Maui is like a second home to my family, and one of our favourite spots to visit is a small oceanside chapel and graveyard just off the road to Hana.  It sounds weird, but we always make it a point to stop by.  Last May was the first time Matt got to experience Maui with us as a family, and I was looking forward to the day we’d get to take him to this special place.

There’s something eerily serene and calming about the contrast between the powerful waves crashing loudly against the rocky shoreline and the hushed stillness of those resting in peace nearby.  And no matter how many times I’ve been there, I always find myself drawn to one tombstone in particular, covered in children’s toys.  My heart breaks each time I see it,  for the year of birth and the year of death is the same: 1989.  And I can’t help but wonder in silence what it was that took little Cory away from this earth and back to heaven so quickly.



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