Dear 97

thank you

Yes, you.  My 97 followers.  This post is about you and for you.

I just want to take a moment to let you know how much you mean to me.  To know that you appreciate what I have to say and share from my own life is just mind boggling.

You know me in ways that so many others do not.  Even my own family.  They won’t read this.  They have no interest in my personal thoughts and experiences.  They want to chat face to face through a computer screen and have shallow conversations about the weather.  They don’t want to know what I’m really thinking or how I actually feel.  They choose to maintain a certain distance.

But you don’t.  You’re here.  Reading this right now.  Knowing more than them this very second.  And I’ve never even met you face to face. That is why this, right here–this exchange, this conversation via blog–is mind boggling and ultimately, humbling.  Because when I wasn’t sure whether or not others cared, you did.  You found me.

So I thank you my dear 97 for being a faithful audience.  Thank you for your presence.  Thank you for your genuine interest in my life and who I am; my silly stories, my snapshots of life, my unorthodox perspectives, and my little internal battles and external victories.

You are a blessing.


Your thoughts?

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