Beach Hopping

The sun was out.  The weather was beautiful.  Sydney did not disappoint today. My homesick-for-SoCal-sunshine bones were screaming for a heavy dosage of vitamin D and non-jellyfish infested waters.  Mind you, my husband may be Aussie and born/raised in the Northern Beaches but he is an all-city boy at heart, and he is just as excited about overcrowded beaches and the sun & surf as he is of George Street at 11pm on a Friday night.  Yep…hates it.

But he was a champ as usual and took me out for a day at not just one beach but two!!!  In the morning, we hit up Bronte for breakfast on the sand while discussing life’s loaded questions and in the afternoon, we headed to Nielsen Park (aka “Shark Beach”) for some more R&R.

We ended our big day out at Darling Harbour where we enjoyed dinner next door to the place where we actually had our first date (4 years ago!).  Thanks hubby, you’re the best.  Today was awesome.


Your thoughts?

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