Autumn Cleaning

I know it’s supposed to be autumn here in Sydney, but it’s April and the California in me stirred up an intense desire to embark on a massive spring cleaning adventure.  I couldn’t help it.  I just had to.  I needed to.  And thankfully, my husband is a patient man and allowed me to unearth just about every corner of our flat.  Just imagine Monica from Friends and you’ll get the picture.

We spent most of the holiday weekend cleaning, selling furniture, trying to buy furniture on Good Friday (nothing was open), throwing stuff away, organizing clothes, rearranging furniture, and buying functional/practical but modern-looking pieces on “Easter Saturday” (the one day Sydney businesses resume normal trading hours).  We also happened to inherit one of Mum’s old dressers which I thought would go well in our bedroom except for the fact that it requires a little makeover.  That’s what is pictured above.

In about two weeks’ time, we’ll have a completely new bedroom, creative work studio, and living environment, and I simply cannot wait.  I love spring autumn cleaning!!!


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