Dear Boston

Dad in Boston
Dad and his friend at Peter Bent Brigham Hospital, circa 1967

My heart is breaking for you right now.  I hardly know you but you’ve always been a city that is familiar and dear to me.

When my father first immigrated to the U.S. from the Philippines, you were the first to welcome him and make him feel at home.  You gave him his first job in America which to him felt like a dream come true.  You paved the way, allowing him to establish a new life in this land of opportunity and freedom.

Because of this, you’ve always held a special place in my father’s heart and in turn, you held a special place in mine as well.  Even as time passed and my father chose to establish a life out west, he never forgot about you.  He’d take our family on trips across country to visit you and show us the legacy of your streets, your history, your opportunities, and your vibrancy.

But now you’ve come under attack.  By whom and for what reason, we do not know.  We cannot understand.  And as I read about the devastation you’ve endured, I am gripped by pain and sadness.

Dear City, may you find the courage and strength to overcome this.  You’ve always served as a beacon of hope in times of uncertainty, not only for my own family, but for our entire nation.  May the days ahead be full of recovery, healing, and restoration.

Love and prayers to you and your families.


Your thoughts?

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