10 Reasons to Watch the MotoGP

As most of you know by now from my previous post, I’ve become a MotoGP fanatic ever since I got hitched to my Aussie hubby who has been a fan for ages and rides a sport bike himself. I know it’s not the typical sport many consider to be, well…a sport.  I’m especially aware of this because as an American, the only sports I consider to be actual sports are those which end with the word “ball”–football, baseball, basketball, and volleyball.

I often find it hard to explain to others the details as to why I love watching the MotoGP, so I thought I’d scratch up a quick list to capture the things I fancy about it.  Hey, it might even be enough to turn you into a GP fan, too.

So here’s my top 10 reasons to watch the MotoGP:

  1. It’s like watching Iron Man in real life, except there’s 20+ versions of him and each has a sportbike as his own weapon.  The purpose is not to kill or destroy in order to protect humanity, but to fly as fast as possible around a race track with only a helmet and leathers for protection.
  2. It’s an international sport, so you automatically gain points for being a well-cultured individual as your eyes and ears are saturated with an influx of other parts of the world, their race tracks, their foreign accents, and their national anthems.
  3. It just looks cool.  There’s a special kind of super badass style that is unique to motorcycle racing because of the way each rider’s body is required to shift around on the bike as it leans through each corner and screams down each straight.  No other sport can match these crazy body angles at these insanely high speeds.
  4. The rush, the drama, and the comedy. Each race feels like an emotional rollercoaster–you start off with an intense fight but in the end it’s all hugs, high fives, and champagne showers.  There’s never a moment when you won’t hold your breath, cringe, scream and then sit in awe and wonder at the laws of gravity as you watch both bike and body lean at impossible angles.  Comedy usually occurs during the post-race press conference where the there’s always at least one reporter with an ignorant question regarding “changing strategy.”
  5. You become a better driver. Now that you’re a MotoGP fan, you’ve actually gained a heightened awareness for motorcyclists on the road and as you sit in traffic, a part of you wonders if perhaps you should trade in your four wheels for two.
  6. You’ll be able to put your Spanish skills to use.  And if you don’t understand/speak Spanish, it will make you want to learn the language because Spanish riders dominate this sport.  In fact, I can bet that after just one season of watching the MotoGP, you’ll be able to not only recognize but also sing the Spanish national anthem.  By heart.
  7. It’s absolutely thrilling to watch live.  Do yourself a favour and buy a ticket to watch at least one race live.  I have no doubt that after just one glimpse of these machines in person, your blood will be pumping, your heart will be racing, and you’ll have an uncontrollable craving for the sound of sportbike engines and the sight of fat race tires.
  8. It is a balls out sport that will make you want to live life balls out.  Unlike Iron Man, these dudes are real people, and they actually run the risk of dying each time they go out on the race track to fight for a spot on the podium.  It’s actually more like Gladiator and Iron Man wrapped into one hot hero.  After watching these guys, you’ll want to push yourself to the limit every day and live life fearlessly the way these dudes do.
  9. You become part of an inner circle of friends. You get to watch Jorge Lorenzo, Marc Marquez, Cal Crutchlow, and Valentino Rossi just to name a few.  Most of these guys have raced together since their youth and as you follow them through their careers, watching race after race, video clips, interviews, and documentaries, you start to feel as though you’ve grown up with them too and that you’re now a part of their little crew.  It isn’t like following a handful of star athletes on various teams–they’re all sort of one man teams and you tend to want to cheer for everyone.
  10. The combination of skills and insanity.  While I continue to love sports like basketball and football stand in awe of their legends, I can honestly say nothing quite compares to the legends of MotoGP.  Of course all professional athletes have to meet a certain standard, but not all required to maintain a calculated level of insanity.  For what other sport do you know of that requires an athlete to drag his knee along the ground at speeds over 200km/hr just to get around one corner of a race track?  It is terrifying.  It is absolute madness.  And it is beautifully breathtaking.

Next race: Jerez, Spain from May 3-5.  For more info, click here.


Your thoughts?

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