Happy Birthday DEXA Scan

Well friends, I must confess: it’s my birthday soon and I’m turning 32.  My husband asked me what I wanted and I said, “A DEXA Scan.”  For those of you who don’t know what it is, click here for an explanation.

Basically, I’ve been sick of weighing myself on the scale and trying to gauge my health and fitness progress with a tape measure.  I’m now at the point where I want to know precisely how much muscle mass I’ve gained, how much weight is water, bones, and organs, and how much body fat percentage I have left to burn.

Thanks to my awesome husband, I got my answers today when I went in to the city for my first DEXA scan at MeasureUp.  I currently have:

– 20.3 kg of fat mass
– 46.5 kg of muscle mass
– 2.5 kg of bone mineral content (or bone tissue; basically, my skeleton)
– 49 kg of lean body mass (everything that isn’t fat; basically, fat free mass)

Here’s what these numbers look like on my actual body:

My DEXA Scan

So, it’s clear to see where all the fat deposits are and what areas of my body need sculpting.  (No, I’m not wearing high heels.  My foot bones are actually that whack!)

The people at MeasureUp provided me with all sorts of stats and information on my body composition to help me set more realistic targets so that I can achieve my fitness goals.  I basically need to lose 5.7 kg of fat (not water, not muscle, FAT ONLY!).  My goal weight based on my body composition is between 63.6 kg to 64.4 kg.  My caloric intake in order to maintain my muscle mass needs to be at least 1600 cal/day, made up of 120 g of protein, 160 g of carbohydrates, and 53 g of fat.

My body fat percentage is 29.3%.  The female body requires three times the amount of essential fat required by males which means that I need to have at least 12-14% body fat.  The average female athlete has somewhere between 12-15%.

It’s all uphill from this point on.  No looking back now.  I’m going for it!! My short-term goals to reach by the end of December 2013 are:

– To decrease my fat mass to 14.6 kg (thus decreasing my body fat percentage too)
– To increase my muscle mass from 46.5 kg to at least 48 kg

That’s that, my friends.  Hold me to it!!!


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