Girls at Tea

No one tells you how difficult it is to make friends when you’re an adult.  I discovered this harsh reality about three years ago when I decided to marry the man of my dreams and settle down in a completely different country.

At first, I made friends through work.  All of them were really sweet; but it always ended up that the ones I grew very close to would return to their home country or move to the other side of Australia.  Still, others became great friends; however it was always understood that our friendship could only go so far.

Over the past two years, I’ve had the chance to meet dozens of people from all walks of life through various circumstances–friends of friends, graffiti events, birthday parties, barbecues, etc.  And while each person may have had the full potential to become that one good friend, not all have had what it takes to make it through the gauntlet.  Or at least, my gauntlet.

“They’re good at acting innocent,” my husband replied to me the other day as I was recounting events of a recent friendship that had turned completely sour.  It was a hard lesson for me to learn.  I guess sometimes it takes a while to accept that some friendships aren’t really friendships at all.  They’re one-sided.  They revolve around manipulators.  They feed on selfishness and deceit.  But then the day comes when you’re able to see past the winks and smiles and realize it’s all just smoke and mirrors.  That’s when you know the show is over.  Well, over for you anyway.

This post isn’t about tea.  It’s about the women who are at this tea and the fact that I’ve finally made some really good friends who are worth keeping.  And although it has taken almost four years to find them, I’m just so grateful that I have.  Thanks ladies.  You rock.


Your thoughts?

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