Why I Love Living in Sydney: Reason #23

Ok ok, I know.  This may come as a shock to ya’ll because I so often highlight the downside of Australian culture and point out its differences to American culture.  But to be honest, I’m actually quite enamoured with this country, and I’m especially grateful to be living in Sydney for a thousand reasons.  One of them?  VIVID.

My husband and his colleagues at Spinifex Group were chosen to create the artwork for this year’s festival.  Their colourfully captivating motion graphics are currently being projected on the majestic sails of the Sydney Opera House and can be seen from 6pm on ’til midnight every night until June 10th.

If you happen to live in or around Sydney, or even Australia for that matter, I highly recommend checking out this event.  VIVID has quickly become one of those staple, must-do events in Sydney.  For me, this particular year will be one I’ll always hold dear to my heart not only because it pretty much trumped all the previous years, but it also created an opportunity for my husband’s personal work to be showcased in his home country for all his fellow Aussies to see.

I hope you enjoy the quick video (above) and that it gives you a little taste and feel for what it’s like during this time of the year in our beloved city of Sydney.


3 thoughts on “Why I Love Living in Sydney: Reason #23

  1. Pass on my congratulations to your hubby and his team. This year has been EPIC! The “House” looks really cool this year with some nice homages to Sydney cultural icons like “Sharpies” golf house. My favourite bit was the lizard with its eye. I have yet to post my photos of Vivid, but so far it has been great.

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