I’ve never been much of a soccer fan.  Although it was one of the first sports I picked up as a kid in elementary school (because it was the sport of choice for PE), I didn’t really get into it and found it rather boring.  Fast forward to my 20s when one of my good friends who I refer to as “Kobbs” coerced me into volunteering with her for a semi-pro soccer team in Southern California called the Seahorses.  I served food, sold merchandise, and occasionally watched the game when the crowd would get noisy.  Oh and of course, some of the players were easy on the eyes which was a highlight for me and Kobbs. (Hey–I was single back then) But that was about all the excitement I got from soccer.  Fast forward to this present moment–I’m living in Australia and am married to an Aussie, and tonight, our country’s soccer team is one win away from qualifying for next year’s World Cup in Brazil.  Am I excited about soccer now?  You bet I am. Why? Because I’m on the road to becoming Aussie.


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