Date Night at The Star


Yes, yes he did.  Last night, my husband took me out on a date to see Miss Murphy (our favourite contestant from The Voice Australia) perform live on stage at Rock Lily inside The Star casino.  She did not disappoint and was every bit as talented, sweet, and soulful in person as she was on The Voice.

After the show, we had a little stroll around the casino grounds which unfortunately, failed to impress.  (I mean, let’s be honest–how can anyone top the Lion Habitat inside the MGM Grande in Vegas?).  I have to admit one place did catch my eye and that was the oversized screens airing an array of live sports at the 24/7 Sports Bar.   It was here that we decided to make a pit stop and then scan the area for something savoury.

We discovered Fuel which still happened to be open (shocking!).  The menu resembled that of any American diner, which of course, did nothing but reawaken all my former bad habits of stuffing my pie hole with plates full of fatty American fast-food at ungodly hours.  Thankfully, I managed to tame the old me and Matt & I ended up sharing a plate of something I haven’t eaten in years–chicken wings with Ranch dressing.  (Hey, I only ate 3 of the 8)

It’s not every night we decide to chill at the local casino, but last night was definitely worth the visit.  Great entertainment, great food, and of course, great company.  My Aussie hubby is a keeper.


Your thoughts?

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