The 30-something Temp

Yep, this post is about me right now.  I’ve got about 10 minutes left on my 30 minute lunch break and the sweet lady who’s been training me said it was cool to use the internet.  What better way to make use of my time (since I forgot my book again)?  A few things to note:

1) I feel like I’m back in my 20s again, except I don’t really care about climbing up the corporate ladder anymore.

2) I’ve always liked temp work but I like it even more now, knowing that there’s no pressure for me to have to secure a permanent position. (My husband pretty much rules).

3) Open plan offices are really not as fun as most people try to make them out to be.  And by most people, I mean the ones responsible for creating office floor plans that have no walls or rooms in order to encourage “team planning” and “teamwork” and everything “team” as if people are dying to be corporate cheerleaders.

4) It’s fun having a schedule.  Even if it’s just for the next three weeks.

5) I’m getting paid to write about wine.  So all you college kids out there who are trying to figure out what to major in, go with English.  It never fails.

That’s the lunch bell…I’m out.


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