This is a special post, dedicated to my beautiful friend who has experienced a very colourful and exciting journey to becoming Aussie.  Now, she finally is one!!!

On Friday afternoon, I had the privilege of attending her citizenship ceremony where she was greeted on stage by Clover Moore, Lord Mayor of Sydney at the city’s historic Town Hall and given her official Australian Citizenship Certificate.  The whole event was brilliant.  There was a lively three piece jazz band playing catchy tunes to entertain the crowd as guests were arriving.  The backdrop of the stage was a large, colourful mural painted by a famous Aboriginal artist (whose name I unfortunately cannot recall at the moment).

The Lord Mayor delivered a very heart-felt and inspiring speech about what it means to be Australian and encouraged each new citizen to share a piece of their own culture and embrace this new place they now call their “homeland.”  It was enough to make you feel teary-eyed even if you were only a guest.  (Yes, I teared up!) There was a professional photographer on stage to take photos on cue of each person as they were handed their citizenship certificate.  And to top it off, they served a proper Australian morning tea for everyone–yes, complete with Anzac biscuits, pavlova, lamingtons, fresh fruit, orange juice, and champagne.  It was classy and well-organized.  (Except for the part where I flared up like a hot mess after drinking one glass of champagne).

Congratulations to Claire on becoming Aussie!  I look forward to doing the same thing next year.


Your thoughts?

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