Balloons in the City

I’ve got this weird fascination/obsession with hot air balloons.

I’m not really sure why.  It’s not like I’ve ever been in one or even seen one in real life.  But if I have a good think about it, I’d say it might have something to do with the fact that as a toddler, I spent many an afternoon watching and re-watching The Wizard of Oz.  That’s probably enough to scar any child into having weird fascinations.

And so it comes as no surprise to me that one morning not too long ago, Matt and I went out to the city for a breakfast date; and as we strolled down King Street, I couldn’t help but notice these beauties afloat in the Louis Vuitton window display.  Oh for a hot air balloon ride…

maps and balloons purse and balloons


Your thoughts?

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