Boyz in the Filipino Hood

Last weekend, Matt planned a dinner catch up with his mates, so we decided to meet up in the city at a Filipino restaurant my friend recommended called La Mesa.  To our surprise, the place was jam packed with people, wall to wall.  But of course, seated at every table was a family that I swore I knew from somewhere or was related to somehow.  Regardless of the noise, lack of space, and slow service, it was awesome.  It was like getting a sweet little dose of the Philippines in the heart of Sydney’s Chinatown.  I did all the ordering and made a few drink suggestions.  We enjoyed prawn sinigang, beef caldareta, lumpia shanghai, bbq pork, rice, and of course, traditional desserts–turon, casava, and leche flan.  The winner of the night was probably the fresh buko juice, which I’m sure my Dad would have approved of.  Definitely a place worth going back to for more.


Your thoughts?

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