Kai Turns 2

My little Aussie nephew Kai just turned 2, and as his Aunt and Uncle, we’re trying our best to expose him to sports other than swimming and surfing.  Because as you may not know, he’s growing up in the Northern Beaches of Sydney and well, there’s a pretty good chance he’ll end up being a typical blonde, surfy beach boy who watches “sport,” plays a bit of “footy,” goes to the pub, and only ever hangs out with other blonde surfy beach boys and girls.

So we bought him a basketball hoop.  Matt customised it by spray painting his name on the backboard.  Imagine our surprise when he immediately took to it! He knew exactly how the game went and even started doing little two hand jams.  Now we just need to get him into old school hip hop music and graffiti and he’ll be on his way…

just like his Uncle Matt.