As many of you know, I’ve been making a lot of changes to my health this year in an effort to reach a personal goal of mine before my next birthday (in 2014).  So much of my health and body composition has changed, and I often get asked about what I’m doing so I thought I’d take a moment to share.

While I think a huge portion of my lifestyle change has A LOT to do with having an awesome husband, being a happy homemaker, and living in Australia, it still always boils down to me as an individual and the choices I need to make for myself every. single. day.

So folks, here’s a few of the habits I’ve picked up that I think have contributed to my change for the better…

  1. Switched from cow’s milk to rice milk
  2. Take vitamins with my dinner every day
  3. Remove toxic people from my life
  4. Lift weights at least 3x a week / high intensity cardio 3x a week
  5. Eat a massive salad for at least one of my meals every day
  6. Check my heart rate at least once a week
  7. Drink lemon water
  8. Prepare/cook meals at home at least 5 out of the 7 days
  9. Snack on nuts or berries with natural yoghurt and honey
  10. Track my daily food intake and workouts on a calendar
  11. Switched from jasmine rice to basmati rice
  12. Switched to gluten free pasta
  13. Spend at least 1 hour outside in the daylight
  14. Use coconut oil to treat my skin and hair
  15. Take weekly body measurements with a tape measure
  16. Read and research, then do some more
  17. And finally, get some good shut-eye!

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