V for Victoria: Part I

My awesome husband whisked me away to celebrate our third wedding anniversary in the beautiful state of Victoria, gallivanting around from city to country to beach to city again.  I had a lovely time and was especially aware of the difference in culture/vibes in this state versus the usual feeling I get when in Sydney. Just a few things to note off the top of my head include:

1) The space! Space, oh glorious space–on sidewalks, on streets, in shops, on freeways–there’s so much of it, I was starting to feel like I was in California again, except for…
2) The weather. It was so bitterly cold some days that it made me forget it was spring
3) I heard American accents everywhere we went which also transported me back to the US
4) Owning a Maserati in Melbourne was as commonplace as owning a boat in Sydney which in my mind makes Melbourne way cooler
5) St. Kilda has a nice vibe and feels like a smaller, cleaner version of Santa Monica mixed with a bit of Santa Cruz
6) There’s something sweet about Lorne and if we ever return to Victoria for another trip, I’d love to stop there instead of Apollo Bay (long story, nevermind)
7) The Great Ocean Road really is great but if you’ve done the Road to Hana or done any sort of driving around Maui, then it will feel pretty similar. I don’t think it parallels in danger but it is equally as gorgeous, just less tropical
8) Trams are convenient especially on a rainy day, but it’s worth saving your cash and just walking since most of the hot spots are just 2 or 3 blocks away from each other (it’s not nearly as spread out as it is in New York)
9) Chapel St. in Melbourne (VIC) = King St. in Newtown (NSW) = Telegraph Ave. in Berkeley (CA). 3 different states, 2 different countries, same vibes.
10) Everyone talks up the fashion in Melbourne but what I loved most were the historic buildings.  One of my favourite things? The 1 hour tour of the State Library. (I know, I’m a nerd)

Guess it’s time to share some of our photos so you can catch a glimpse of what I’m talking about.  Hope you enjoy this next series of posts featuring our adventures in Victoria.


5 thoughts on “V for Victoria: Part I

  1. I love Victoria, and spend a lot of time there every year. That is probably sacrilegious to say as a Sydneysider. I think your assessment of the Great Ocean Road is bang on. I was in Maui in May this year and while I didn’t do the road to Hana, I rode around the West Maui Loop and all I could think about was – “Gee this is just like the Great Ocean Road, just missing a volcano or two”.

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