2013 Reflections Abroad

(in no particular order except what simply came to mind)

  1. I love living in Australia.
  2. I love married life with Matt.
  3. I don’t think I can ever get enough of my husband.
  4. It’s rare to find someone who is 100% present.
  5. People rarely speak truth or facts, but are quick to share opinions.
  6. The world is constantly striving.
  7. Lifting weights is therapeutic.
  8. What is good and worthy, usually takes a lot of time and consistency.
  9. Sometimes there’s no use staying friends with a fool.
  10. The cloud of guilt that has been hovering over me since childhood has finally started to dissipate.
  11. Forgiveness isn’t forgetfulness.
  12. Painting is also therapeutic.
  13. It’s actually a gift to want to reproduce and raise children.
  14. No one can be good at everything.
  15. A broken and bitter heart cannot hide itself, but is constantly revealed in what is spoken.
  16. Why does everyone seem to know everything about everything and everyone, even when they don’t?
  17. Facebook is mainly good for marketing and perpetuating pretense.
  18. Living abroad gives you a refreshing perspective on America.
  19. I’d like to see a world where Christians had more genuine friendships with unbelievers.
  20. People who constantly point a finger at other people’s faults are the ones who are good at ignoring the reflection in their own mirror.
  21. Everyone has their own God-given gift/talent, and it’s probably one you don’t have.
  22. People who get busy with their talent usually don’t have the time to hate.
  23. Who killed wonder?

Your thoughts?

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