Costco Down Under

Of course I bought a membership. Technically, I “renewed” it since my California details were still in Costco’s system. Fancy that. Thought they would’ve dropped me by now. Oh America, you’re so very loyal.

As you know, I tend to get homesick every once in a blue moon so quite frankly, nothing screams America more than buying things in bulk. Like Nutella. (Shout out to my friend Angie in Seattle). And lately, I’ve been dying to throw a football (NFL style) around but can’t seem to find one at any of the sporting goods stores here. Thankfully, Costco solved that problem.

My mini-American adventure was not a solo one. Two fellow expat girlfriends joined me for the shopping extravaganza and as we made our way around the oversized warehouse, I actually felt quite comforted by its surroundings. Sounds shallow and I hate to admit it but sadly, it’s true: consumerism can sometimes feel like…home.


Your thoughts?

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