Beauty and her Best

March 8, 2014 not only marked another spectacular International Women’s Day, but also marked the big day for my fellow expat friend Carrie and her fiancé Marcos. She is now one of the few women in this world who can say that her husband is quite literally the “Best,” for it’s his actual surname. And it’s evident he lives up to it, for I know Carrie would not have settled for anything less than the best for a husband.

Matt and I made the hour long scenic drive down to Lilyvale earlier that day because I was in charge of the bride and bridesmaids’ hair. I’m no hairstylist by trade, but I’ve always loved working with hair and trying out different styles on myself (and on any willing volunteers like my friends throughout the years!). So it was quite an honour to be entrusted with this role.

Upon arrival at Lilyvale, I couldn’t help but want to soak in all the fresh aromas and scenery around us. I was immediately taken back to the days when my family used to drive deep into the woods to a place called Mission Springs in California. Lilyvale felt like a much smaller, more intimate version of that with its location quietly nestled among the large trees and hardy terrain of the New South Wales Royal National Park.

We made our way toward the main house where we were greeted by Carrie’s parents and friends who were making preparations for the afternoon’s events. She took us around for a little tour of the grounds which featured spacious lawns, two guest homes, a wide staircase leading to a patio just above a bubbling brook, and an open style reception hall overlooking the entire area. It was quite a calming yet vibrant environment, full of natural beauty and warmth.

Carrie and Marcos planned and organized every part of their big day, and it was beautiful to see elements of their personality come through in all the details. Everything was a success–from the flower arrangements to the decorations, the food, and yes, even the hair if I say so myself. What a wonderful day it was, and what a blessing to have witnessed such a happy union.

Congratulations Carrie and Marcos!

Here’s my little gallery of happy snaps including some behind-the-scenes shots. (I’m sure the professional ones will be much better!)


Your thoughts?

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