360 Birthday

Soooo…my husband is amazing. Right when I picked him up from work last Friday night, he surprised me with an elegant white box and in it contained a single, long-stem red rose. It was such a thoughtful and beautiful gesture, especially because I know my husband’s real sentiments toward buying flowers: “It’s pointless, they just die.” (Amen! said every man reading this right now). So as you can imagine, I thoroughly cherished the moment.

Once home, I got all gussied up in preparation for our fancy grown up dinner date in the city. He had made reservations for us at Sydney Tower’s 360 Bar and Dining restaurant and both of us were quite eager to check out what the menu had to offer. After having recently watched the finale of My Kitchen Rules, words like “fine dining” and “reduction” were still swirling around in our minds, leading us into silly conversations about what “rendering the fat” means and naturally, wondering whether our dishes tonight would leave us asking, “Where es de sauce?” (Hi, Manu).

When we checked in at the ground level of the Westfield mall, we were given a small ticket which had our reservations on it and then we were directed toward a secured lobby where a sharply suited gentleman greeted us, pointing us toward the next available elevator. It is fully enclosed with no windows, so unfortunately no sightseeing happens while travelling to the top. However, they do have videocameras installed in other elevator pods so that you can check out who else is travelling north with you!

The doors opened and we immediately stood facing a completely new environment full of mood lighting and spectacular views. At the desk, a woman greeted us and asked for our reservation card. We were then taken straight to our table which happened to be right by the window. SCORE! As for the rest of the evening, well, what can I say? Every little detail was gorgeous, the food delicious, the setting immaculate, the service constant and friendly, the views priceless, and the company handsome, charming, and entertaining.

We’ve both come a long way since my very first birthday down under, but I have to admit, my husband knows exactly how to make me forget all about being homesick this time of the year. Guess I’m never too old to get spoiled.


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