A Walk with Mrs. T Down Under

Have I mentioned that one of my childhood friends from back home just happens to live in Sydney, too? Her name is Sarah, and last month her mom Mrs. T got on plane and for the first time, left the US to come all the way down under to Australia! This is a woman who brings light, warmth, and joy to everyone who meets her, so you can imagine how fun it was getting the opportunity to see her again and get together for some good quality catch ups.

Sarah had planned to do some scenic walks around Sydney while her mom was in town so I joined them for the one of the adventures. Thankfully, the storm clouds cleared out that day and while the air was still crisp, the sun was shining which made it perfect walking weather. We hopped on a bus near Sarah’s place which took us all the way to Nielsen Park. Once there, we grabbed some takeaway coffees at The Kiosk to kick off our scenic trek around Vaucluse Bay. We made our way all the way up to Camp Cove eventually reaching the historic Hornby Lighthouse.

The views were stunning, and it was definitely well worth the distance. After the lighthouse and a few giggles posing by the “Nudity permitted on beach only” sign, we headed back toward Watsons Bay. By the time we reached the pier, we’d worked up quite a hearty appetite and with so many choices for fresh seafood, how could we imagine any other way to wrap up such a delightful afternoon?
Fish & chips, please.


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