VIVID Sydney 2014 Recap

It had been raining all week and we weren’t sure whether we’d make it out this year to see all of VIVID Sydney. But on this particular Saturday, the skies finally cleared up a bit and Matt & I decided to brave the cold winter night together with his mum. The evening turned out to be quite lovely as we strategically navigated through thick pockets of crowds, pausing here and there to check out various art installations around Circular Quay.

I’d have to say my favourite installation was the art-inspired motion graphics projected onto the MCA, but I’m pretty biased!! Truly…it was definitely more captivating than the washed out projections on the Opera House which unfortunately left a lot to be desired. Can’t really blame them, though since last year’s Lighting of the Sails is a pretty tough act to follow!

Overall, VIVID Sydney was a massive success this year, drawing in more than 19,500 international visitors and attracting a record 1.43 million people. And it certainly proved to be a brilliant way to cap off our long bleak, wintry week. Hopefully next year will turn out to be just as bright.


Your thoughts?

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