Stumbled across this video only recently and had to share it. It’s something I wish existed when I first moved here. Everything would have made so much more sense! Instead, it took me a solid year or so just to wrap my head around the lingo (and I’m still picking up new slang even to this day).

Pay close attention to the end bit where he reads out a short snippet containing all the slang in one hit. The reason it’s funny is because it’s so true! This is how the majority of Aussies — from news anchors to business men/women in corporate offices — actually speak. So if you’re into learning languages, good luck trying to ever be “fluent” in Australian, mate. It’s a rare, colourful, ever-evolving, no f*cks given language, and I absobloodyf*ckinglutely love it.

So my dear sweet fellow expats and non-expats alike, this one goes out to you. Enjoy and you’re welcome.


Your thoughts?

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